Sunday, 24 July 2011



These toppers are a full A4 in size! If you like making large cards, then these are for you.

ALL A4 card topper projects come in multiple sheets because of their sheer size to be able
to fit all the necessary elements onto the page layouts.

1) Print out all the project's sheets - these will be up-loaded and in order ready to select and print.

2) Cut out all the elements from the sheets and attach 3D foam pads to the backs except the main
image which you need to attach with adhesive to your A4 card blank (A3 folded in half)

3) Make up the decoupage layers by stacking them centrally on top of each other for: PYRAMID
LAYERED TOPPERS. for INVERTED PYRAMID TOPPERS (Invertage), layer each section
keeping them squared-up on all edges and starting with the widest 'frame' and ending with the
thinnest 'frame'.

T  I  P :

You could simply print off the decoupage elements leaving out the first main image, layer them up,
then attach these to a large card of your choice.

"Have fun with these large card designs!" - Richard

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