Tuesday, 6 August 2013

"SIMPLY AIRBRUSHING" another new facet to crafting and so accessible too...

My background in airbrushing goes back to the 80's...on my mother's side of the family were the ultimate showmen, travelling all over the UK with their "Death Defying Rides!"...my great aunt Adelaide (Addy) was a "Wall Of Death" stunt bike rider!

I have known so many wonderful families of travelling showmen and also had the great priviledge of creating some of the artwork by airbrushing stalls, vehicles and the like.

With SIMPLY AIRBRUSHING we take a look at some of the wonderful effects that only an airbrush can achieve AND, dispel the myths and show you easy to create-at-home effects...even by just using the eg; LETRAJET system for PROMARKER pens you CAN achieve brilliant and fun creations!

I have indepently reviewed the Letrajet system made by Letraset for use with their Promarker alcahol pens. If you are new to this system, it will get you acquainted.

"Happy crafting!" - Richard x

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